What is Wrong with Me? Working Through Powerful Feelings

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You may feel something is wrong with you, but you’re not alone and can overcome those feelings.

What is wrong with me? This phrase is often thought quietly or spoken in jest with friends. But it is not always a joke. Here are some ways we’ve learned to deal with negative thoughts.

It is important to be aware of negative thoughts and feelings and have tools to address them. It is natural to feel anxious or like you are lost or out of control. The weight of the world can feel like a lot.

This post will discuss some things that help me reframe and cope with negative thoughts. Make sure to reach out to a professional if these thoughts are chronic or you have thoughts of self-harm.

What is Wrong with Me? And How to Feel Better.

The world today isn’t exactly fun. Many people are finding it harder to hit the grid. Sometimes, these feelings manifest in a disconnect from others. We sometimes say or do things we don’t mean.

Intrusive thoughts can become actions, and relationships can suffer. Not just romantic relationships but work, friends, and general social relationships can suffer, too. So what do you do? Consider these ideas when figuring out how to cope with difficult situations.

1. Observe

Take a moment. If you feel like something is wrong, take a deep breath. What do you notice about your current situation? Where are you sitting? Are you hot or cold? Do you feel pain anywhere?

Take a second just to be present with yourself. Try for one second. Then try for 5. That’s good enough for now. Even if you aren’t having negative thoughts right now, notice how you feel when you are happy. This will help you track changes and identify things that can send you into a spiral.

2. Start a Journal

When you start thinking, “what is wrong with me?” Write down everything you observe. You can create a list on your phone, in a notebook, or on an old show flyer, anything you have on hand. This may not make you feel better instantly. There are no instant solutions when it comes to mental health and mindfulness. It is not a switch you can turn on and off. Journaling is part of the process.

3. Create an Action Plan

If you’re looking up “what is wrong with me,” it’s probably not the only time you’ve had this thought. If it is the first time, following this step will help you find a pattern.

Once you establish the pattern, you can create a plan. You can better identify things that make you feel like everything is falling apart. Then, you can make plans to avoid them. Or if it is something you can’t avoid, like work, you can find methods to deal with it.

4. Find the Right Practice

The feeling of what is wrong with me often comes from a place of disconnection. The hard part is finding a way to reconnect yourself. There are many mindfulness exercises that you can try. Not all of them will work for you. You may even hate some of them. But would you rather feel a bit ridiculous for a minute or have a full-on panic attack in the walk-in at work?

How to Find Out What is Wrong with Me

Now, you have a few new tools. It will take some work, but you don’t have to do it alone. Observing, Journaling, Making a Plan, and trying out different Mindfulness exercises are great places to start. But if you’re really feeling low, you need to talk to someone. A close friend, a Reddit post, a professional.

Many people feel like they are not enough and that they are letting someone down. Or they think, “why can’t I act right?” These feelings are part of the human experience. Don’t be afraid to share what’s going on inside you. You’re not alone.


Odds are, nothing is really wrong with you. It is hard to be a person sometimes. I’ve heard it called a sign of intelligence. If you feel you need a diagnosis, go to a doctor. If you’re sick, you need medicine.

However, if you are someone you know is just having a difficult time right now and needs a push in the right direction. Start with step one.

How do I find out what is wrong with me?

Take a deep breath. Write down what you are feeling. Speak to a professional.

Do I have a mental illness, or am I overreacting?

Mental illness is not a negative reflection of who you are. If you suspect that something is wrong, it is worth exploring. Make sure the people around you are validating your emotions.

Am I sick, or is it anxiety?

The answer that no one wants it could be both. Anxiety can have physical symptoms, and physical symptoms can cause anxiety. Either way, it is best to document your experiences. This way, you can recognize patterns or help a professional identify patterns.

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Jillian has been on a journey to find peace in the chaos since 2016. Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga have helped them keep present. They have been writing as a passion since an early age and writing professionally since 2018.

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