About Street Wise Serenity

Street Wise Serenity represents the idea that individuals can only manifest their realities, and everyone deserves clarity of mind.

Jillian, founder of SWS

Hello, I’m Jillian, and Street Wise Serenity was my idea. I started meditating shortly after getting into yoga in 2016. I bought a mat from the supermarket and laid it down on my studio apartment floor.

Meditation came not long after, and I kept hearing the concept of mindfulness tossed around by a few creators. After a few years, mindfulness also became a part of my practice.

But then I started to notice a trend. In my travels, on YouTube, and engaging with social media, I felt I didn’t fit into the mindfulness community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share what we’ve learned about mindfulness with those who have ignored the topic before. Mindfulness isn’t about crystals and hours of hot yoga. Mindfulness is about being present in a chaotic world.

At SWS we want to let people know that you can be a badass and meditate.

Our editors and experts have been disappointed by how mindfulness is portrayed in the media and online. Our purpose is to shake up the stigma associated with mindfulness.

Everyone who writes for SWS has personal experience with the topics we are covering and has done thorough research.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve!